Forming Hot Air Dryer (FHAD)

    Hot Air Dryer (Oven):

    • Designed & manufactured according to GMP guidelines.
    • All parts contact the product made of Stainless steel 316L.
    • Drying temperature: up to 97ºC - 100ºC.
    • Loading capacity : the loading is distributed on two inner trolley in stainless steel.
    • Suitable to carry 40 trays.
    • Size of tray 85 × 87 × 2.5.
    • The capcity of oven 400 Lr.
    • The chimney takes out the accumulation supper heated air and vapor.
    • The treatment of the drying air is out the chamber.
    • Internal chamber with rounded corners.
    • Chamber internal dimensions:
      • Max Width 200 cm
      • Max Depth 95 cm
      • Max Height 170 cm
    • St. St. grade 316 with curved corners for trays.
    • Heating: by stem system
    • The filtration of air made by Hepa filter Type H14 on the delivery side of the fan.
    • Suction dampers are made of stainless steel 304 L & it can be controlled manually.
    • Temp. Sensor Type PT100 up & down of the Oven.
    • After drying the powder no cooling.
    • Chimney carried out the super heated air from the Oven.
    • Thermal insulation Rock wall from German.
    • Temp. recorded by chart recorder.
    • Temp. Adjust by regulator temp.
    • Two wing doors with heating gasket made from rubber Silicone.
    • Argon welding with highly polish.
    • No loading ramp for Trolley.


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