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    Forming, launched at the end of 2005, is the result of Al Etihad and Optimum merger and acquisition process. Forming for Metal Formation is leading company specialized in:

    • Forming metals.
    • Machine and Production lines Design and Manufacture.
    • High Quality die design and production. 

    Our customers include Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Foodstuff and Petroleum corporations operating in Egypt.

    Producing quality metal formations, design and manufacture of machines and production lines as well as all kinds of dies have been our specialty for almost 30 years. Etihad and Optimum merger and acquisition process upgraded our quality policy.

    It's our belief that the basis of success in any professional service is the capabilities and professionalism of the people performing it. In Forming for Metal Formation we have realized this fact and concentrated on hiring professionals in all fields included within our scope of work including highly qualified engineers and technicians trained on CNC machines. This helps us meet our customers' needs and respond to them quickly and accurately since we are unique.

    Forming for Metal Formation is committed to provide customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations.


    • Fast and accurate blank shape generation.
    • Use of state-of-the-art manufacture technologies.
    • Highly sophisticated international machines in our specialty field.
    • Highly qualified team of skilled and trained workforce.

    Our warehouses accommodate all imported steel, aluminum alloys and stainless steel raw material necessary for providing the complete range of high-quality products.

    By acquiring specialized expertise in those fields, we can ensure greater understanding of the various sectors within our industry. In doing so, we welcome cooperation with all kinds of customers in equipment and production lines delivery.

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    Address: Masged El Wafa St., Industrial Zone Om Zaghyo Road, El Amreya, Alexandria, Egypt

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