• Used in printing the carton by Ink Jet Machine.
      • The machine contains a magazine to put the carton in it.
      • Down the Magazine moves Piston contains a hood working on drawing the carton.
      • By Vacuum during the rise of Piston to the top.
      • During the descent of the piston, the vacuum is disconnected and the carton is placed on the Conveyor.
      • Piston speed can be controlled by Pneumatic System
      • Machine Power (4000 - 6000 Carton / hr).
      • All contact parts for carton ST.ST304.

    Features of the machine:

        • Providing employment.
        • Stability of print position
        • Machine size 150 cm x 40 cm at height of 85 cm
        • Guarantee the machine for one year against the defects of the industry.
        • All the work is done on the latest CNC machines and the finest imported raw materials


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