Weighting booth Sampling room


    • The internal frame is completely constructed of 304 L stainless steel smooth finish.
    • The frame is very rigid, proof against deformations and alterations.
    • The internal frame dimension.
    • Weighting booth 266 x 260 cm (W*L*H).
    • Sampling room 227 x 203 x 260 cm (W*L*H).



    • The cabinet is equipped with an adjustable centrifugal fan designed to maintain the air flow velocity constant automatically at 0.4 m /s +/- 10% at working and at 0.2 m/s 10% at OFF whatever the clogging of the filters by the use of a programmable micro processor.
    • The cabinet is equipped with AHU to supply the cabinet with the requirement airflow and temperature 23 c +/- 2c.
    • The cabinet is equipped with adjustable exhaust and freshair dampers.
    • Section No.1 contains the technical data of centrifugal fan.



    • The cabinet is equipped with three types of filters:
      • bag filter.
      • Pre filters.
      • HEPA filters with efficiency 99.997% for particles greater than 0.3 micron.
    • HEPA filters are equipped with magnehelic differential pressure gauges.
    • Section No.2 contains the technical data of per bag and HEPA filters.


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